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Start Your Book's Journey with the best 12 book publishers in Illinois

1. Alpha Book Publisher

Alpha Book Publisher is a renowned publishing company known for its diverse range of titles. They specialize in fiction, non-fiction, and educational books, catering to a wide readership.

2. Kharis Publishing

Kharis Publishing focuses on inspirational and spiritual literature, with a commitment to empowering authors to share their stories and ideas that can make a positive impact on readers.

3. Joshua Tree Publishing

Joshua Tree Publishing is a small press that prioritizes quality over quantity. They publish a select number of titles each year, ensuring a strong focus on each book's production and promotion.

4. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

A well-established publishing house, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, offers an array of educational resources, textbooks, and trade books. They are dedicated to providing high-quality learning materials.

5. Tyndale House Publishers

Tyndale House Publishers is a Christian publishing company, specializing in Christian literature, Bibles, and inspirational content.

6. McClure Publishing, Inc.

McClure Publishing, Inc. is known for its commitment to promoting underrepresented voices and innovative ideas. They publish a diverse range of books spanning various genres.

7. Elite Publishing Company

Elite Publishing Company focuses on fiction, non-fiction, and educational works. They strive to provide readers with thought-provoking and engaging content.

8. Crossway / Good News Publishers

Crossway and Good News Publishers are renowned for their Christian literature, Bibles, and theological resources, catering to a faith-based readership.

9. Memoir for Me

Memoir for Me specializes in memoirs and autobiographies, helping individuals tell their life stories with care and professionalism.

10. So You Can Write Publications LLC

So You Can Write Publications LLC assists aspiring authors in transforming their ideas into published works, offering writing and publishing services.

11. Bible Truth Publishers

Bible Truth Publishers is dedicated to publishing Christian literature and Bible-based materials for spiritual growth and education.

12. Sourcebooks LLC

Sourcebooks LLC is a dynamic publishing company with a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, and children's books, known for their innovative approach to publishing.

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