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Discover the Keystone State's 17 Digital Content Book Publishers

Updated: Feb 24

Alpha Book Publisher is the largest publishing company in Pennsylvania that specializes in a wide range of genres, from fiction to non-fiction. They have a reputation for nurturing emerging authors and providing them with a platform to share their stories.

Dorrance Publishing is known for assisting self-published authors in bringing their manuscripts to life. With a team of professionals, they offer a comprehensive range of publishing services, including editing, design, and marketing.

Schiffer Publishing is celebrated for its high-quality illustrated books. They produce titles in various niches, including art, antiques, and collectibles. Their visually stunning publications cater to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

H&H Books is a smaller, independent publishing company that focuses on promoting unique and diverse voices in literature. They often take on unconventional, avant-garde, and experimental works.

OGW Publishing is dedicated to the publication of inspirational and motivational literature. Their catalog includes self-help books and personal development resources.

As the name suggests, Christian Faith Publishing specializes in Christian literature. They help authors with strong religious messages get their work out to a broader audience.

Roaring Spring Blank Book Co is an established producer of notebooks, journals, and other stationery. They are known for their high-quality paper products, popular among students and writers.

Page Publishing is a full-service publishing company that offers comprehensive support to authors, from manuscript editing to marketing. They have a diverse range of genres in their catalog.

HarperCollins is one of the "Big Five" publishing houses, recognized for its extensive list of authors and best-selling titles. They publish everything from literary fiction to non-fiction and children's books.

310 Publishing focuses on various genres, with an emphasis on quality and author engagement. They work closely with writers to create well-crafted books.

IGI Global specializes in academic and scholarly publishing. They produce books, journals, and research papers covering a wide array of subjects and disciplines.

Destech Publications is another academic publisher, primarily known for engineering, science, and technology literature. They produce resources that cater to both students and professionals.

Endless Mountains Publishing Company focuses on regional and local works that highlight the culture, history, and natural beauty of the Endless Mountains region.

Tree House Books is a smaller independent publisher that emphasizes nature, environmentalism, and outdoor literature.

Harrowood Books is dedicated to publishing works of speculative fiction, including fantasy and science fiction.

Susquehanna Style Magazine not only publishes a popular lifestyle and culture magazine but also offers publishing services to authors in the region.

Bookhaven Press LLC is an independent publisher with a diverse range of titles, including fiction, non-fiction, and educational materials. They have a reputation for fostering new talent.


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