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Start Your Book's Journey with the best 17 book publishers in Georgia

1. Alpha Book Publisher

Alpha Book Publisher is a distinguished publishing company known for its commitment to producing high-quality books across various genres. With a focus on literary excellence, they provide a platform for both emerging and established authors to showcase their work.

2. VMH Publishing

VMH Publishing stands out for its dedication to delivering compelling and thought-provoking content. As a reputable publisher, they contribute to the literary landscape by promoting diverse voices and innovative storytelling.

3. Thanx A Mills, LLC

Thanx A Mills, LLC is a dynamic publishing entity that specializes in creating engaging and impactful books. They focus on bringing unique perspectives to readers and fostering a sense of gratitude through their literary offerings.

4. BookLogix

BookLogix is recognized for its comprehensive publishing services, catering to authors at every stage of their writing journey. They empower writers by offering customizable solutions for editing, design, and distribution.

5. Online Cashback Shopper

Online Cashback Shopper combines e-commerce with publishing, providing readers with a unique platform to explore books while enjoying cashback benefits. This innovative approach sets them apart in the industry.

6. Pinnacle Point Publishing Inc.

Pinnacle Point Publishing Inc. has established itself as a prominent player in the publishing world, producing content that resonates with a wide audience. Their diverse catalog reflects a commitment to quality and relevance.

7. Allwrite Publishing

Allwrite Publishing is a forward-thinking company that embraces a variety of genres. Their dedication to promoting a wide range of voices contributes to a more inclusive literary landscape.

8. Simms Books Publishing Corporation

Simms Books Publishing Corporation has a strong presence in the publishing industry, producing captivating titles that capture the imagination of readers. Their commitment to storytelling excellence is evident in their diverse catalog.

9. FC&A Publishing

FC&A Publishing has a long history of providing readers with informative and inspirational content. Specializing in health and wellness, they contribute significantly to the dissemination of valuable knowledge.

10. Lucid House Publishing

Lucid House Publishing is known for its commitment to publishing works that challenge conventional thinking. They actively seek manuscripts that provoke thought and encourage readers to explore new perspectives.

11. Yawn's Publishing

Yawn's Publishing brings a fresh and vibrant approach to the publishing scene. With a focus on engaging storytelling, they contribute to the literary world by offering readers captivating narratives.

12. Stanton Publishing House

Stanton Publishing House is a reputable publishing entity that excels in bringing unique and compelling stories to readers. Their commitment to quality and diversity makes them a valuable contributor to the industry.

13. Atlanta Books & Publishing

Atlanta Books & Publishing is known for its forward-thinking approach to publishing, embracing new technologies and trends. Their agility in adapting to the evolving industry sets them apart in the competitive landscape.

14. Iberian Publishing Co

Iberian Publishing Co is a respected publisher known for its dedication to producing works that resonate with a broad audience. Their diverse catalog reflects a commitment to quality storytelling.

15. August House Publishers

August House Publishers is a dynamic company that actively seeks manuscripts that captivate and inspire. Their focus on engaging storytelling contributes to a more vibrant literary landscape.

16. Peachtree Publishers Ltd

Peachtree Publishers Ltd is a boutique publisher that values the tranquility and authenticity in storytelling. With a focus on individual narratives, they contribute to the richness of the literary world.

17. LAD Custom Publishing, Inc.

LAD Custom Publishing, Inc. is a versatile publishing entity with a diverse catalog spanning various genres. Their commitment to providing readers with a wide array of options makes them a valuable player in the industry.

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