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Begin Your Book's Journey with the Best 18 Book Publishers in Maine

Alpha Book Publisher stands as a literary haven, championing diverse voices and genres. Committed to quality storytelling, they provide a platform for both emerging and established authors, enriching the literary landscape with captivating narratives.

Cider Mill Press Book Publishers is an orchard of literary delights, specializing in beautifully crafted books. With a commitment to quality design and content, they produce works that appeal to readers with a taste for both visual and literary excellence.

Wayside Publishing is an educational beacon, specializing in language learning materials. Committed to fostering effective language education, they provide innovative resources for students and educators, contributing to the global pursuit of linguistic proficiency.

Maine Authors Publishing & Cooperative is a literary collaborator, empowering authors to share their stories. With a cooperative model, they foster a sense of community among writers, contributing to the success of independent authors in the vibrant literary scene of Maine.

Islandport Press is a coastal literary navigator, specializing in works that capture the spirit of Maine and beyond. With a commitment to regional storytelling, they contribute to the cultural richness of the coastal landscape, offering readers a window into the unique character of the region.

Just Write Books LLC is a literary advocate for Maine's diverse stories, specializing in works that celebrate the state's cultural heritage. Committed to fostering local voices, they contribute to the tapestry of Maine literature, offering readers a glimpse into the intricacies of the state's history and identity.

Tower Publishing Co stands tall in the literary landscape, offering a platform for a diverse range of voices and genres. Committed to publishing works that captivate and inspire, they contribute to the enrichment of readers' lives with engaging narratives.

Letterpress Books & Gifts is a literary emporium, offering carefully curated books and gifts. With a commitment to personalized service, they contribute to the cultural vibrancy of the community, providing readers with a unique and welcoming space to explore literature.

Tilbury House Publishers is a literary lighthouse, guiding readers through stories that inspire social and environmental awareness. With a commitment to meaningful storytelling, they contribute to the dialogue on pressing issues, fostering a sense of responsibility and engagement.

Raven House Publishing, LLC is a literary nest, nurturing diverse voices in the publishing world. Specializing in a variety of genres, they contribute to the richness of contemporary literature, providing a platform for authors to spread their wings and share their unique stories.

Oxton House Publishers is a literary craftsman, dedicated to producing works of enduring quality. With a commitment to thoughtful storytelling, they contribute to literature that stands the test of time, offering readers narratives that resonate long after the final page.

North Country Press is a literary guide to the northern landscapes, specializing in works that celebrate the charm and character of northern regions. Committed to preserving and sharing local stories, they contribute to the cultural richness of the area, offering readers a window into the unique facets of northern life.

Walch J Weston Publisher is a literary compass, guiding educators and students with educational materials. Committed to providing valuable resources for learning, they contribute to the advancement of education, supporting teachers and students on their academic journeys.

Publishers Clearing House is a literary sweepstakes, offering readers the chance to win prizes while engaging with books and magazines. With a commitment to making reading an exciting experience, they contribute to the joy of literature by adding an element of surprise and rewards for readers.

Maine Writers & Publishers is a literary nexus, connecting writers, readers, and the publishing community in the state. Committed to fostering a vibrant literary ecosystem, they contribute to the cultural richness of Maine by supporting and promoting local authors and their works.

Erin Murphy Literary Agency is a literary advocate, representing and championing authors in the publishing industry. With a commitment to helping writers navigate the complexities of the publishing world, they contribute to the success of their clients, ensuring that diverse voices find a place in the literary landscape.

Custom Museum Publishing is a literary curator, specializing in creating publications for museums. With a commitment to preserving and sharing cultural heritage, they contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and appreciation of art, history, and science.

Sherman's Maine Coast Book Shop Bar Harbor is a literary anchor in the coastal community, offering a curated selection of books.

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